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Repro Free: Picture Jason Clarke
Repro Free: Picture Jason Clarke

Alana Kirk is a wordsmith who has worked and played with words since Enid Blyton stole her childhood sleep and her first article was published in a school magazine.  Sadly, it was about Chris de Burgh and like the ferryman, she wasn’t paid.  Happily, her writing (and musical tastes) have gone from strength to strength.  She writes for a living as a storyteller and journalist. Having travelled the world working for the non-profit sector, she now helps charities tell their stories to demonstrate the impact of their work, and writes regularly for magazines and newspapers. Her first non-fiction book was published early in 2016 based on the success of her blog www.thesandwichyears.org. It charts the unchartered waters of navigating a steady course through the tsunami of need from being sandwiched between caring for young vibrant children, and old ailing parents.  The book, Daughter, Mother, Me: A memoir of love, loss and dirty dishes became bestseller. 

She is now working on her second non-fiction on celebrating middle age, and is also writing a novel. She is represented by Sallyanne Sweeney of Mulcahy Associates.   She can be contacted at alana@alanakirk.com, or @AlanaKirkWords.  You can see some of her freelance writing articles at her website Making Words Work.

She divides her time between writing blogs, books, novels, articles and creative campaigns for non-profits, along with three girls, a dog, a cat, a kitten and a hamster.   And the odd Gin.

Daughter Mother Me by Alana Kirk

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